On-the-go Hummus Pods are Popping Up in Providence

A new and inventive way to take hummus on the go without a need for a plate, utensils or cumbersome containers.

The Modern Pod Company, based in Providence, is a young and growing company that has created a way to take hummus on the go without a need for a plate, utensils or cumbersome containers.

Their delicious new hummus pods are exactly what they sound like – edible pods with a crispy, multigrain outer shell filled with hummus of all varieties. The company launched in 2016 and offers flavors including zesty lemon, smoky chipotle and sriracha lime and tangy red pepper.

Just as there is variety within the product itself, there are also many different ways the hummus pods can be eaten and used in meals. They can be eaten as pop in your mouth, quick bites on the go, or the pods can be warmed up and served as appetizers. Add them to meals as a side dish, throw them on some skewers with veggies, use them as buns on a slider, dip them in soup and more – the possibilities are endless.

“We started with this idea of trying to change the eating experience with design as a factor,” says Levon Kurkjian, general manager of the Modern Pod Company. “Instead of always leaning on culinary, what can we do from a form factor and a design standpoint to deliver new and exciting experiences?”

The Modern Pod Company saw room for innovation in the healthy snack space and decided it was time to make an increasingly popular snack more convenient for transport. According to Kurkjian, they put an emphasis on bold and exciting flavors and they have large brainstorming sessions to discuss trending flavors to potentially use next. Their first inclination is always to source ingredients domestically, with some spices coming from the United States and components of the multigrain shell blended in California.

According to Kurkjian, some of the core elements to the product that will never be changed are the pod design which is entirely plant-based. The hummus pods were also recently Non-GMO Project Verified, too. As the company continues to grow, they will continue looking for ways to expand and improve the hummus pods. Launching into the breakfast or dessert scene is only a small hand of ideas they may have, but like the original product, a lot of brainstorming and taste-testing will be put to use before new ideas hit the shelves.


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