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Our guide to yoga in Rhode Island.

Yoga is a full-body workout where centering and breathing are as important as physical form. The myriad payoffs of this ancient Indian form of mind and body exercise range from improved flexibility and fitness to decreased stress and depression. Thanks to celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz gushing about how it’s changed their lives, yoga has permeated the mainstream. And locally, classes taught everywhere from church basements to hospitals are proof that sun salutations aren’t just for hippies. Here, we introduce you to some local studios, plus different yoga types, beginner tips, weekend retreats, gear and more. In short: all the information you need to start your practice. A body like Diaz, you’ll have to earn.

» Yoga Your Way
» Tips for Beginners
» Looking for More?
» The Many Limbs of Yoga
» Pet Peeves
» Q&A: Joy Bennett
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