Off the Rack

Every year around this time, my urge to shop flares. The weather is warming, the bright colors, gauzy fabrics and open toes are just hitting shelves, and images from the recently concluded fashion weeks bombard my brain faster than I can navigate my favorite style blogs. Already, before I even set foot in a store, I’ve started mentally cataloguing the trends I can’t live without. This season I’m yearning for tons of easy-to-throw-on maxi dresses and a pair of strappy turquoise sandals with a stacked-wood heel. I’m as hopelessly devoted to fashion as a love-sick teen –– and I don’t mind a bit. Working at the magazine, as an editor and occasional stylist, I’ve shown readers what really speaks to me in the fashion world. Here, on our new blog, I’ll continue to offer this same perspective in another form: Off the Rack, a series of (almost) weekly posts on everything from the latest trends and where to get them in our sometimes fashion-anemic little state, to some of my favorite finds on local shopping excursions. If it’s off the rack, it’s in style.