Odds & Ends

1. Dan Barry, whom we interviewed in our April issue, was out at McCoy this gorgeous weekend to do book signings of his Bottom of the 33rd: Hope, Redemption and Baseball’s Longest Game. I’m so glad this book is finally out! It’s so good, and there’s been no one to talk about it with. This book broke my heart, mostly because it drives home that sometimes a lifetime of work, dedication and sacrifice still isn’t enough to realize your dreams. Although maybe those people who work so hard, knowing they’re probably not going to get what they want, achieve something greater.

2. A couple weeks ago, I was at Snookers to watch the New England Pool & Billiards Hall of Fame induction ceremony. (My uncle is a One Pocket champ.) I confess I wasn’t totally on board when I first arrived and realized there were going to be many, many long speeches. But it didn’t take long to become inspired in a room full of people who follow their bliss.

Theme of the night: You get out of it what you put into it.

And the speeches turned out to be little gems. Quote from Baghdad-born inductee, Mazin Shooni, who recalled his first impressions of his now-home, New England: "This was a place where the city of Boston would get angry whenever it did not rank number one on a list of the nation’s worst drivers."

3. Last night, I wrapped up my last improv class at Trinity Rep. Things learned: Mauro Hantman is a genius. The response should always be  "Yes, and…." The more you listen, the better it goes.

Spring rain. Here’s some Eddie Rabbitt for you. 😉