Now this is Modern Casual

With every detail designed for modern, unfussy living, the great room on the first floor of this Touisset home offers ideal traffic flow and works perfectly for the homeowners’ lifestyle

The master bedroom windows highlight stunning river views from a cozy reading nook. Photography by Tony Luong. Styling by Serena Gaitskell.


Photography by Tony Luong.


A free-standing deep soaking tub creates the perfect space for the homeowners to wind down after a long day. Photography by Tony Luong. Styling by Serena Gaitskell.

Rod first discovered the bucolic Touisset neighborhood and the surrounding Rockland Acres when Meridian was building a house next door to his current property. The more he worked there, the more he got hooked; it wasn’t long before he and Patti purchased the next lot over and began the design process.

Rod says the project flowed really well. “We really enjoyed the process. We came out here with spray paint and stakes and laid out the rooms on the ground and then we tweaked it; moving the house about twenty-five feet, changing the angle a little bit, and so on. When you know the process, it’s fun and it makes sense.”

At Meridian, that process includes helping clients find the right lot, identifying the most important features of the lot, helping them design and site the optimal house for their family and then bringing in the team for resources and design choices. “Frequently, in design, there’s a balancing act between competing criteria, but here it all flowed nicely,” Rod explains. “We didn’t feel like we had to make any compromises.”

Meridian also resolves issues relative to the site for their clients, and they took that to heart here with fill and expert grading. The result is a gently sloping unbroken view to the river from the partially covered deck.

This particular area in Warren is quite desirable thanks to its convenient location and the many amenities it offers, including an active community club. But there’s good news for all: Meridian is just beginning a collaboration with the Touisset Farms neighborhood to develop sixteen lots right around the corner, beginning with a one-level model home.


Photography by Tony Luong. Styling by Serena Gaitskell.

The partially covered back deck offers shade and sun options, making it one of the most popular spaces in the home. Rod often brings clients here to show them the options that Meridian offers and help with design decisions. A few have offered to buy the home from him, but the answer is always a firm “not for sale.”

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