Now that the sugar buzz is fading

It’s time to tackle taxes.

Tax deadline is Wednesday, and there will be no extended hours for dropping off taxes at any post offices this year (9 p.m. is the latest any are open). If, like me, you require much more than a few hours to complete any kind of form that involves lots of figures, that means getting started tonight. All that chocolate left over from Easter has to be good for something, and here’s the answer: helping you stay up all night wrestling with the US tax code.

If, on the other hand, you’ve already completed your tax forms and mailed them in, go ahead and kick up your heels. You could go line dancing in West Greenwich – tonight is beginner night at Mishnock Barn – or take advantage of $20 tickets at Trinity Rep to see a delicious piece of timeless fluff, Oscar’s Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.

And, if you can’t get over your annoyance at the state, you might enjoy signing up for this free and promising-sounding discussion of Rhode Island corruption, which is surely part of the reason we pay so much in taxes and get so little back.