I haven’t really been following the World Cup, but I have been cheerfully following the outrage over vuvuzelas. It’s hard not to be kind of charmed by the idea of a plastic trumpet wreaking global chaos. Today’s update is that the Official Website to Ban Vuvuzelas shut down after 80,000 angry websters crashed it with their votes against the “deafening mix of angry elephants trumpeting and a fog horn” (uh, what?) and the BBC and other networks have agreed to filter out the sounds, or at least consider it.

“We are continuing to monitor the sitation,” said the BBC in a real statement. “If the vuvuzela continues to impact on audience enjoyment, we will look at what options we can take to reduce the volume further.” I only wish that monitoring audience enjoyment involved hooking people up to machines of some sort.

I assume the furor will die down, but it’s been fun while it lasts.