No Fighting at the Driving Range

Sunday was a lovely day at the driving range. I always like the driving range. It is fun to whack at a bucket of balls and a good chance to practice keeping a nice attitude in the face of disappointment. I think this is key: If you look at the driving range as a place to work on your actual swing (or bad habits, as my old instructor would say), you inevitably wind up among the many, many people having this argument:

“Can you look at my swing and tell me what I’m doing wrong?”
“I think you need to keep your head down.”
“I am keeping my head down. My head doesn’t go down anymore than this.”
“It looks like you’re picking it up on your backswing.”
“Everyone says my backswing looks perfect.”
“Well, I don’t know.”
“You must know because you’re hitting every ball, even though your backswing looks horrible!”

Yikes. Much better to do your learning at real lessons — I’ve been looking around for some good ones in Rhode Island and wanted to point out the fantastic kids’ program at Button Hole in Providence. In addition to skills, they place a high emphasis on the "life lessons of honesty, humility and perseverance." Perfect, right? They teach adults too. I’m just saying.

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