Nice Slice is Moving to the West Side

And they're taking the Shepard Fairey with them.

“The Spirit of Independence” poster by Shepard Fairey.

Nice Slice, a saucy East Side institution since 2005, has been priced out of its Thayer Street location.

The good comes with the bad here. The pizza slingers — who will never, ever shame you for ordering your cheese square/slice with a side of blue cheese — are moving to 767 Westminster Street, the former Providence Pizza location. The West Side seems like a better fit. Thayer Street’s counterculture vibe is long gone. With a few exceptions, chains dominate the street in 2017.

Nice Slice’s last day on Thayer is this Saturday, April 15. And for all of the opportunists out there: Yes, they’re taking the Shepard Fairey mural with them.

Shortly after his first big museum show, in 2009, Fairey installed “The Spirit of Independence,” a wheat paste mural of Civil Rights activist Angela Davis, on the back wall of the restaurant.

Nice Slice owner, Al Read, attended RISD with Fairey, who is best known for his “Hope” poster of Barack Obama. The artist explains his connection to the pizza shop on his website. It’s worth a close read, but here’s an excerpt from the blog:

Al hooked me up in a bunch of ways back then. I was broke and hustling, so Al got me work printing stickers and tees for Fellini’s Pizza where he worked part time, and where he developed his insane pizza making talent. Al kept me fed when his boss wasn’t lurking and saved me from starving…. It is hard to explain how much it meant to me to have Al’s support when my parents and even a lot of friends told me to abandon art and “get a real job.”

To help raise funds for the move, Fairey is releasing a limited edition screen print of the mural, which is available on April 13 on his website and on April 15 at Nice Slice. The print, which is $45, reads: “The Spirit of Independence. Pizza Power. No Chains!”

Only 100 will be available, so get there early. And hungry. It’s the last day to score your vegan Figgy Stardust, gluten-free personal pie or tangy cheese slice until the new shop opens in May.

Saturday’s hours are 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Keep an eye on the Nice Slice Facebook page for updates.

Nice Slice, 267 Thayer St. (through April 15); 767 Westminster St. (in May), Providence, 401-453-6423.