You’ve Got to Try this Local Jerky

Celebrate National Jerky Day (yes, it's a thing) with Newport Jerky Company.

“It tastes like chicken,” people might say when eating something weird. You won’t hear that at Newport Jerky Company. Co-owners Jay Souza and Derek Medico buy the raw product from all over the world, create the recipes and have it made in the United States. Some include (with snarky commentary by Souza):

jerkyPython Jerky
Origin: Vietnam or Florida
Why Popular: No idea, maybe just to say “Hey! I ate a snake!”
Tastes like chicken? I have to say no.

jerkyClam Jerky
Atlantic Capes Fisheries in Bristol
Why Popular: We live in an area that loves clams, so why not?
Tastes like chicken? Don’t think so, but my six-year-old loves it.

jerkySnapping Turtle Jerky
Origin: Louisiana
Why Popular: Not sure, maybe it’s on some people’s bucket list of weird foods to eat.
Tastes like chicken? Not even close. It’s like a meaty jerky that finishes with a foul, muddy aftertaste. It lives in mud so it tastes like mud, though we mask it as best we can.

jerkyEarthworm Jerky
Origin: Thailand
Why Popular: People ask if it’s good. I say, “No, it’s a worm, it’s not good.” But some like it.
Tastes like chicken? More like a piece of straw with dirt on it. You know the worms you have dried up in your driveway? This is pretty much that.