Newport Folk Festival: Sunday Recap and Final Musings

The last day of the festival was a mellow end to the weekend.

Ans a newbie to the Folk Festival, I had no idea what to expect.

I pictured people with flowing hair dotted with flowers, chunky beaded necklaces and the scent of patchouli wafting behind them.

But the reality was much less niche (though patchouli did have a presence).

People walked around in outfits as simple as a shirt and shorts, while others sported quirky things like tank tops with a banana print or button downs dotted with embroidered cacti.

Style inspiration: pop of color backpack, and on the dude on the right, a captain’s hat.

We concur with these sentiments.

It isn’t a festival in RI without a meaty lobster roll from Matunuck Oyster bar.











Sunday’s music lineup was less sensationalist than Friday and Saturday (it’s hard to beat Regina Spektor, Fleet Foxes and the Head and the Heart) but just as awesome.

Nathaneil Rateliff’s hat made a stunning appearance on stage. Oh, and his music was pretty good too.

Nathaniel Rateliff and his hat made a surprise appearance, jolting the sunbathing, swaying crowd with a mild injection of adrenaline.

The beer sloshed, people packed beneath the cooling shade of tents and smart flotilla of seafarers paddled/sailed up to Fort Adam’s rocky shore for a waterfront view of the show.

The sea-faring smarties had prime real estate to listen in.

Four Takeaways

  1. Bring sunscreen and wear a hat. It can get hot on a sunny day and I saw more than one poor soul with lobsters as their spirit animal.
  2. Be prepared to spend. Though you paid out the wazoo for your ticket, parking isn’t free ($20), food and drink will cost you a pretty penny (drinks are $8 a pop and food can run you as much as $16 for a lobster roll).
  3. Get there early. Traffic was horrendous (it took my friend and I more than thirty minutes JUST to get over the Newport bridge) and the prime real estate near the stages is taken up by blankets and coolers in a jiffy.
  4. Have fun. It’s corny, but hey, you’re there to listen to music and have a good time.

Style Inspo for Next Year

Left to right: Cacti shirt from; banana tank from; backpack by Herschel Supply Co.; Dorfman Pacific Captain’s hat from West Marine.



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