Three Brand-New Homes in the Ocean State

These properties incorporate 2017's best design trends without veering into cookie cutter territory.

I’ve got a clear preference for historic homes. (Evidence here and here and here. And here. Sorry, and here — my favorite.) But Rhode Island’s housing supply is dwindling, and the lack of available real estate is driving up the median house price across the state. So I wanted to know: What’s going on in new construction?

A lot. And most of it is b-o-r-i-n-g.

I bet that’s part of the appeal for some buyers — that clean slate, where they can move into a place and add their own touches. I’m not that creative. I like to bask in the good design choices of my ancestors (bound not by blood, but by real estate).

Thankfully, there are several local builders who prioritize strong design. That, and they’ve employed excellent stagers. Here are three new homes in the Ocean State, all built in 2017 and with hefty doses of style.


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