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When Energy Upgrades Are Made, Opportunity Comes Knocking

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Investing in energy efficiency is wise financially—Rhode Island businesses can save up to 30% on utility costs. Business owners may be surprised to learn that making smarter energy choices for their business could raise employee productivity, resulting in even greater bottom-line success.

10% improvement in productivity
Looking to turn productivity up a notch or two? When you make upgrades that help maintain comfortable temperatures, employee concentration gets upgraded as well.  And when employees are able to stay focused, the quality of their work increases and productivity is boosted right along with it.

30% reduction in workplace errors
Studies show upgraded lighting can reduce errors in the workplace across a number of industries. Accidents happen. And if an area isn’t lit properly, then the chances of something going wrong increase. So mitigate the risk with energy efficient lighting upgrades.

50% decrease in absenteeism
When you upgrade to an energy efficient HVAC system, air quality improves and a business can reduce absenteeism caused by allergies or asthma. That means fewer people are calling in sick and more work is getting done.

20% productivity gain
Making the right insulation upgrades will help your building stay warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer—resulting in comfortable and productive employees. Insulation improvements can also help muffle the sound of distracting noises. And less noise happening in the background, means more work happening in the foreground.

National Grid has energy saving solutions to help commercial customers like you identify energy improvement opportunities. To help offset the cost that goes into implementing those solutions, we even offer financial incentives, making it easier on your bottom line.

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These programs are funded by the energy efficiency charge on all customers’ gas and electric bills, in accordance with Rhode Island law.

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