Munch Madness

Admittedly, I’m not s huge sports fan. But I do think it was pretty cool that Providence played host to a few games of the men’s NCAA hoops tourney last weekend. The city looked good and who doesn’t love a pop-up beer garden (especially on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon). I didn’t fill out the brackets, and to be totally honest the only team that I know made it to the Sweet 16 is Cornell, and that’s only because I have friends who are traveling to see the game this weekend. (Judging from a quick Google search, I hope they run into some good beer gardens to numb the pain.)

One tourney I have followed, however, is Munch Madness, a food face-off devised by the editors of the Boston Globe that pits Beantown’s best restaurants against each other. There’s no actual cook-off; it’s all based on reader votes. I like it because it’s sort of random — high end restaurants face off against suburban haunts; pizza battles it out with tapas. And just like in college basketball there are plenty of upsets: national media darling O Ya fell prey to Orinoco in Round 2.

Unlike with March Madness, there’s still time to cast your vote. Round 3, which will whittle the Sweet 16 down to the Elite 8 is open for voting now. Click here to weigh in.