Meat Glossary

How to tell your Crespone from you Capocollo

A. Bresaola
Citterio, Italy
Air-cured salted beef round that is aged about two or three months until it becomes purple in color. Rich, lean and tender.

B. Pancetta
Mestro San Daniele, Canada
Unlike American bacon that comes from the sides and belly, this Italian-style bacon is made just from the pork belly and is salt-cured, not smoked.

C. Salciccia Secca
Alps Provision Co., Long Island
Directly translates as dry sausage. A sweet, dry pork sausage with a buttery taste.

D. Crespone
Columbus Salame Company, California
A traditional salami from the Brianza region in northern Italy. Made from a coarse paste seasoned with pepper, garlic and wine.

E. Prosciutella
Levoni, Italy
Mortadella (often called bologna because it originated in Bologne) with bits of prosciutto and pistachios. Meaty and flavorful.

F. Prosciutto de Parma
Numero Uno, Parma, Italy
Dry-cured ham from Parma in Italy, made from pigs fed Parmigiano Reggiano, resulting in a distinct nutty taste.

G. Capocollo
Daniele Inc., Pascoag, Rhode Island
Made from the muscle between the pork head (capo) and shoulder (collo). Cured for at least three months. Very sweet.

H. Pepperoni
Margherita, U.S.A.
Made from pork and beef sausage and seasoned with red and black pepper,
this is an American version of dry, spicy Italian salamis.

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