Mass. Politics Revealed!

On the eve of a historic senate race in Massachusetts that may have long-reaching effects on the future of health care, I was apparently the last person to find out that Republican contender Scott Brown has a centerfold under his belt.
Not that it has anything much to do with the campaign, but it does remind me that almost-nude strange men just don’t have the same affect on me that almost-nude strange women seem to have on most men. When I first saw the spread, I swear I felt my skin crawl back away from the screen.
But on further inspection, the 80s aesthetic is kinda cool, as is the refreshing inattention to body hair grooming. With this kind of media exposure from back in his college days, no wonder Brown’s campaign ads are so much more fluid and likeable than Coakley’s. If there wasn’t so much at stake, I’d be wishing him, his jawline, abs and 80s-throwback hairstyle good luck. As it is, I’m left merely wishing he’d bring back tight white shorts.