March Is All About Transportation

Enjoy the Rhode, says RIM publisher John Palumbo

Permit me to paraphrase Henry Ford who was asked about the research methods — or lack thereof — for the predecessor of the so-called horseless carriage: “If I asked all my customers what they really wanted, the answer would have been faster horses.”

Let’s face it: Travel, like food, health and politics, is one of those ubiquitous topics we can’t stop talking about.

Whether it’s a white-knuckle drive in a snowy commute or the conditions of the roads with dry pavement and deep potholes, it dominates the chatter from the water cooler to radio talk shows to the morning coffee break.

In little Rhody, the reluctance to travel anywhere more than twenty minutes away has been well documented in the annals of Rhode Island self-depreciating humor.
And if you don’t think folks take ownership or care about getting around, I give you four words: “Sakonnet River Bridge Tolls.”

In this issue, associate editor Casey Nilsson takes a look at the highways and byways, planes, trains and automobiles that get us from point A to point B. Casey has done a great job of not only chronicling life’s newest and fun luxuries, like the Providence to Newport Ferry, but also finding out how folks handle their daily commute to work. She also brings us up to date on developments such as the intermodal station coming to Providence and the new Pawtucket T stop, to determine what’s being done to ensure those seemingly white elephants remain in the pink.

Remember, as Steve Jobs once said, “It is not my consumers’ business to know what they want next.”

 Enjoy the Rhode. –J.J.P.


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