“Man v. Food” in R.I.?

Last week I got a call from a scout at the Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food,” feeling out Rhode Island as a possible location for an upcoming show. (I said possible, so don’t get too excited yet.) For those of you who haven’t seen the show, here’s a two-word synopsis: pure gluttony. Host Adam Richman (not to be confused with Alan) travels the country in search of “the best places to do some serious indulging.” Examples? There was the seventy-two-ounce steak in Amarillo Texas, the atomic hot wings in Pittsburgh and, my personal favorite, the thirteen-pound pizza in Atlanta. In each state Adam visits a few restaurants known to embody the down-home, tie-on-the-feedbag culinary history of a particular place (read: no fine dining). He also takes part in one death defying culinary feat, like, say, trying to wolf down more hotdogs than anyone has in the history of Spike’s Junkyard Dogs (Adam would have to choke down fifteen to become Top Dog at the Branch Ave. location).

For a small state, Rhode Island boasts a ton of restaurants that pride themselves on big portions of quintessentially Rhody fare. Here are a few places I came up with that Adam might want to consider if he happens to make his way to our very all-you-can-eat-friendly neck of the woods:

* Wright’s Farm

* New York System weiners

* Angelo’s Civita Farnese

* The Nordic Lodge

* Aunt Carrie’s, Flo’s or Evelyn’s Drive-In 

Where would you recommend that Adam get his grub on in our fair state?