Mad for Mad Men

(Reader alert: Today’s blog is spoiler proof.) It’s been a whole year since we got our last fix of “Mad Men,” the pitch-perfect ‘60s series about the cutthroat, disintegrating world of New York advertising, on little AMC cable. But they’re all back: hunky but angst-ridden Don Draper and his long-suffering wife, Betty; weasely Pete Campbell and his deluded wife Trudy, Roger Sterling (who we love despite his infatuation with That Woman Half His Age), and poor tormented Sal, the closeted gay copywriter. Last night they were in fine form, not a whiskey glass, Lucky Strike or Brylcreemed hair out of place, for the first episode of Season Three, “Out of Town.”

 Because I have promised people in the office, who weren’t able to stay up till 11 last night, not to give anything away, let’s just say that it was worth the wait, and Don is as dapper as ever, and is still a rat. For some reason, AMC is repeating the episodes in the middle of the night, but you can also catch up on iTunes, and watch anytime. The title of next week’s episode is “Love Among the Ruins.” Sounds like business as usual.