Love, Travel and Leisure

Yesterday, Yahoo posted on its front page Travel + Leisure's recent list of top cities for singles, ranking Providence as number 10. Our lovely city has been on such a head-spinning number of Best and Worst for Singles lists in recent years, it's clear that nobody has any idea what on earth goes on in Providence. It reminded me of our "Love in Rhode Island" story last October, where we tried to figure out if it really is tougher to find love in a tiny state. I think the bottom line came in a classic piece of dating advice from local matchmaker John Holt that was pretty much straight-up De Niro in Goodfellas, giving advice to Ray Liotta: Smarten up. Men, give up on the supermodel. (Unless, of course, you are one yourself.) Women, stop it with the must-have list of tall, handsome, rich and well-educated with a great job. (As Holt said, "I think less than 4 percent of all men in the United States meet those criteria.") Just give people a chance and have fun, he said, and you're halfway there. No matter where you live.

All I know is, I try to stay away from the Travel + Leisure website, where I always end up pining over something like this pool.