Local Soaps and Scrubs

Save face with lavender, goat's milk and coffee-scented products.


  1. Wooden comb, $21.50; wooden brush, $50, both at Zenabelle, Bristol.
  2. Curious Nature gift set, $28, Evolve Apothecary, Providence.
  3. Blue and pink marbled soap, $6, both by Stella Marie, Rhody Craft, Providence.
  4. Blue and pink marbled soap, $8, Shore Soap Co., Newport.
  5. Coffee and sugar scrub with enamel cup, $16, Rhode Island Soapworks, risoapworks.com.
  6. Eye mask, $18, Kreatelier, Providence.
  7. Nourishing Lavender Milk, $39, by Farmaesthetics, Evolve Apothecary.
  8. Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap, ranges from $5–$6.50; wooden soap dish, $5; vanilla soy candle, $15, all by Travis Family Farm, at Dave’s Marketplace, Smithfield and East Greenwich; Wintertime Farmer’s Market, Pawtucket and at travisfamilyfarm.com.
  9. Soapstone bowl, $24, Homestyle, Providence. Rosy red, peppermint and honey lip balms, $4 each, Farmacy Herbs, Providence.
  10. Turquoise wooden bath brush, $7, Shore Soap Co.
  11. Sweetwater goat’s milk soap; Pear Cider goat’s milk soap, both $5, Legend’s Creek Farm, legendscreekfarm.com.
  12. Rhode Island Scrub soap; Providence Garden soap, $7.50 each, both by Summer House, Frog and Toad, Providence.
  13. Turkish towel, $36, Kreatelier.
  14. Stress relief bath salts, $14, by Rhode Island Soapworks. 
  15. Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap makeup remover, $10; Lavender Lotion, $15, both by Travis Family Farm.


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