Like No Udder: A Refuge for Alternative Eaters

Come vegans, come celiacs, come lactose intolerant: This new bricks and mortar ice cream shop is just for you.

You've chased the purple spotted truck and you've tasted the vegan soft-serve swirl. Extra peanut butter sauce, please!

But chase no more (unless you like the exercise). In April, the owners of Like No Udder vegan ice cream truck opened a bricks and mortar shop in Fox Point, where you can find your dairy-free fix every day of the week except Tuesday. The truck will continue to peddle its vegan thrills all summer.

"If we didn’t have six years of the truck under our belt, it would’ve been a totally different story," says Karen Krinsky, who co-owns the shop and truck with her husband, Chris Belanger. "People are finding us, and the street is great. It’s been busy."

The convenience factor is definitely there  are thrice-weekly LNU trips too much? Asking for a friend  but the best part of this sweet little shop is its new line of hard ice creams made onsite from scratch. In addition to the soft-serve machine, two machines produce one- and six-gallon batches of the hard stuff.

"They came from a place called Lula’s in Manhattan, a vegan ice cream shop that unfortunately had to close for personal reasons," says Krinsky. "I’m really happy to have them."

Like No Udder's menu board boasts twelve dairy-free hard ice cream flavors. I've taste-tested the almond joyful, the mint chip and the rocky road and they hit every indulgent mark: they're creamy, they're sweet and they're refreshing. Insider's tip: For 75 cents, you can top your scoop with fancy extras including Chick-O-Stick crumbles, coffee syrup, rainbow sprinkles or coconut whipped cream.

In addition to its vegan clientele, Like No Udder serves safe treats to people with food allergies or sensitivities, as well. Krinsky asks all of her customers about their dietary needs and points them to the best options. Like No Udder's ice creams are dairy-free and many are gluten-free, however folks with celiac disease should choose the soy-based soft serve  which goes straight from the machine to your gluten-free cone  to avoid cross-contamination. People with nut allergies should stick with soft-serve, as well.

Fun details abound at Like No Udder. Cat videos loop on the flat screen  sometimes it's monkeys or giraffes, Krinsky notes  and pictures of Krinsky and Belanger's fur babies decorate the napkin holders. Alternative eaters will also appreciate the mini market dedicated to hard-to-find novelties  think: VeganEgg, nutritional yeast, marshmallows, meatless jerky and Avonaise, a vegan avocado spread that's made at Hope and Main in Warren. And a funky mural by local artist Alec Thibodeau decorates the shop's right wall. The ice cream cone on the unicorn's horn is a nice touch, Alec. 

Krinsky says pints of ice cream will be available for purchase and vegan treats will rotate in the baked goods case. Additionally, Like No Udder plans to host a nacho night once a week. Come for the ice cream, stay for the gooey vegan nacho goodness. See you there.

Like No Udder is located at 170 Ives St. in Providence. Visit for hours and menu information.