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We saw your article about International House in the November issue [“International Relations”], and I just wanted to thank you and the photographers for putting together such an attractive picture of International House.

I am bursting with gratitude about the colorful presentation you gave. You really captured the essence of International House, its founders, members and students and chose the most interesting variety of past culinary and cultural events to describe.

This wonderful article puts International House in the limelight and will serve as a positive endorsement of our mission to create friendship and understanding among the many different cultures in the world.
Marilyn von Kriegenbergh
Executive Director, International House

We received the November issue at home, and your article is wonderful. You capture the camaraderie that one feels at International House, and I’m certain we’ll have some new visitors. Thanks for taking the time and for the good publicity you have given International House.

We want the community to know that we differ from International Institute and that our concentration is on hospitality and orientation to the community for shorter-term internationals such as students, faculty, business visitors and tourists.

The International Institute serves new immigrants and refugees by offering English as a second language classes, legal advice, translation services, refugee resettlement programs, citizenship preparation classes, etc.
Dotty McCulloch
Chair of the Board, International House

Great books for cooks

I had the most delightful experience yesterday. A neighbor told me about a nearby bookstore that sold used cookbooks, and I grabbed my keys and headed over to Assonet. I met Chuck Williams, who proudly showed me the article written about him by Lydia Walshin [“The Joy of Reading,” October]. I sat right there, surrounded by his piles of books, and read it. Then, we both sung your praises for a fine article. I particularly enjoyed reading about the books that Lydia chose to buy.

Well done! And aren’t he and his store treasures?! I can’t wait to return for another long chat with him. We discovered that we have many mutual friends in the business.
Nancy Barr
North Dighton, Massachusetts

Editor’s Note: In November’s “From the Publisher,” John Palumbo wrote about a Jack Benny skit in which Benny is accosted by a robber. The robber says, “Your money or your life?” Benny is silent. The robber says, “Quit stalling. Your money or your life?” Benny finally responds: “I’m thinking it over.” One reader remembered the skit a bit differently:

I remember listening (radio…probably before your time) to Jack Benny …lots. My memory (possibly faulty) was his response was, “I’m thinking … I’m thinking,” said in that special way that always cracked me up.
Cynthia Mall
Westport, Connecticut

Kudos to Warwick

On behalf of the staff and clients of  The Kent Center, I am writing to thank you for your article “Mental Block” [October]. Articles such as this bring a greater public awareness about the staggering number of people with mental illnesses in our prisons.

We also appreciate that you highlighted some of the important steps we are taking in Warwick to help alleviate the problem. Our emergency services team and court clinician have worked closely with Sergeant Coffey and the Warwick Police Department, as well as their prosecution team in the Kent County Court House and the judiciary, to divert people with mental illnesses from the criminal justice system and into treatment when appropriate. In fact, we presented the Warwick Police Department with our Community Partner Award at our awards breakfast on October 31.
Arlene Stolz
Director of Development, The Kent Center


The number for Rhode Island Dog Guy on page 47 in  “Great Stuff Cheap” [November] was incorrect. The dog training school can be reached at 401-849-1821.

On page 16 of Holidays 2006 (“Art Smarts”), we omitted information for the photo in the top left-hand corner. The photo depicts a handcrafted upholstered bench by Elizabeth Ithurburu of Benchmark Upholstery Design Studio in Pawtucket.

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