Letters: Water Spirit, Testing Marriage, Animal Control

Rhode Island Monthly readers weigh in.

“The Water Spirit,” February

I wanted to congratulate you on publishing such an interesting and engaging article about David Robinson and his research.
Timothy H. Ives
Principal Archaeologist
Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission

Current, February

In the recent February issue of Rhode Island Monthly, I read with interest “Q-and-A: The Marriage Test.”

On June 25, my husband and I will celebrate thirty-nine years of marriage. This couple who wrote the book certainly do have much more to learn.

In my marriage, we never saw the multiple lay-offs that had occurred, which made finances a hardship. We never thought that children (we have three) would be the cause of sleepless nights. We still have insomnia worrying about if the kids are doing okay. (Now adults!)

Our marriage is a wonderful adventure that had no planning and still leaves room for more learning and much love. I’d like to see where those two “experts” are thirty-nine years from now.
Diane C. Lizotte

Reporter, February

Thank you for including the Ocean State Animal Coalition’s nonprofit Rhode Island Community Spay/Neuter Clinic (RICSNC) in your February article, “Sheltering in Place.”

The key to addressing pet overpopulation is affordable and accessible spay/neuter. Since opening in July 2010, RICSNC has sterilized more than 40,000 cats and dogs, preventing the birth of thousands of kittens and puppies destined to end up abandoned or in area shelters. Grants and donations ensure that pet owners who need financial assistance will never be turned away.

OSAC is proud to be making a difference in the lives of animals and the people who love them, and we thank Rhode Island Monthly for letting its readers know of our clinic.
Liz Skrobisch
Executive Director
Ocean State Animal Coalition