Letters to the Editor: October

Readers reflect on stories in print and online.

“Check Please: The True Cost of Dining Out,” July

Jamie Coelho’s article is a masterpiece. She delved into a complex topic that showcases the Johnson and Wales University alumni commitment to craft and community. It amplifies the business issues they face daily and their creative approaches to staying in business in the state they call home.

Miriam S. Weinstein
Director of Communications and Media Relations
Johnson and Wales University

“Gone Fishing!” July

I just wanted to send a brief thank you for the great layout and coverage of Fluke. Angel Tucker’s shot is great, and the placement is fantastic. I loved the write-up about “more than cod and scallops.” The following article about what goes in to the cost of your restaurant meal was very true to heart.

Geremie Callaghan
Fluke Newport

“Prudence, Patience, Hope and Despair and Little Hog Island Right Over There,” June

Growing up in Rhode Island from the ’30s to the ’50s, I recall a friend of my dad’s working at the torpedo station in Newport. Can you say what island the torpedo station was located on during World War II?

Lou Rapa
Scottsdale, Ariz.

CORRECTION: Due to an editing error, a quote was misattributed in September’s Reporter column. Claiborne Pell Elementary School Principal Traci Westman said: “Having a new building changed the mindset of the adults. It set a value — and that’s huge.”

CLARIFICATION: September’s 2018 Excellence in Nursing Awards article states that Visiting Nursing Home and Hospice is the only not-for-profit, free-standing hospice agency left in Rhode Island. In this case, free-standing refers to an organization that is not affiliated with any other organization (i.e. a hospital or school).