Letters to the Editor: June

Readers reflect on stories in print and online.

Hot Wieners, A Love Story,”  April

I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your reminiscences about Greek wiener restaurants. I admit to not liking wieners, but I do love the experience. Back in the mid ’60s as Providence College students, we would often end our nights at the System on Smith Street, where everyone would get theirs “all the way” and I’d make them wait for my two cheeseburgers with ketchup only. I am salivating after reading your article and I have only two options. I can drive to Warren center and eat at Rod’s or I can feel healthy, walk a mile and get some steps toward my 10,000. If I wait a few minutes, Rod will be cooking the wieners for lunch and I’ll smell them and think of, perhaps, 1968 but definitely of you. The only drawback is when I return, my wife will know I’ve been participating in my guilty pleasure.
Warren McGoldrick

David Podsnap,” April

If there’s anyone I can imagine bringing energy to a dying area, it’s this guy!
One of the most energized performers, nicest guy and genuine person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Having booked this man band to my festival, I can’t wait to see him in his amazing adventure!
Michael Martin
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No News is Bad News,” March

They’re so far left it has become comical. They are doomed unless they find some sort of balance.
Jason Moquin
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FOR THE RECORD: In the April To-Do List, we included incorrect information for Fairy Garden Days at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center. The event ran from April 14–29.