Letters to the Editor: July

Hot Wieners, A Love Story,”  April

I grew up down the road from Nick’s and spent many days in those booths. After I moved away, it was always one of my favorite places to go back to and I was sad to hear that it closed. It was one of my first glimpses as a kid into a family-run business. I’ve made hot wieners from scratch out here in Colorado, but it’s never as magical as the real deal back home.
Seth Haber
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Reporter, March

I and other members of the Kent County ReSisters appreciate the inclusion of our efforts against Sinclair Broadcasting in Ellen Liberman’s article on the changing landscape in Rhode Island news media. We regard Sinclair Broadcasting, the company that owns Channel 10, as a menace to balanced and fair news reporting. The article makes reference to complaints about the media company’s coverage of news, specifically that Channel 10 doesn’t reflect local opinion and deliberately mixes news with commentary, in spite of station manager Vic Vetters’s statement to the contrary. Sinclair’s stations typically mix editorial opinion with news coverage without distinguishing them. Those “Must-Runs,” as Sinclair calls them, are delivered several times weekly by all of Sinclair’s 173 stations. Sinclair, in a recent Must-Run, declares itself the “One-and-Only Source for Real News,” insisting all other news outlets present fake news. At once, the company eliminates contradictory sources of opinion and news, while simultaneously establishing a blueprint for a state-run media outlet. Sinclair’s tentative purchase of Tribune Media, should it succeed, will bring Sinclair’s Must-Runs into yet more local markets–223 to be exact, still more reason for concern. With Sinclair injecting itself into news coverage, we move inexorably toward one-sided, right-wing state-run media.
Constance Mussells
East Greenwich