Letters to the Editor: December

Readers reflect on stories in print and online.

“Easy Fall Day Trips,” October

The whole Cape community is talking about Samantha Labrecque’s story and are thrilled with the piece. We are so used to summer being the Cape’s ‘prime season,’ so when the glowing story was released, people here were just loving it; as locals, we know that the fall is really the best time on the Cape, so she nailed it! We owe her a big thank you for reminding us what a treasure we have here, especially in autumn.
William DeSousa-Mauk
DeMa Public Relations

“Business: Buppy Pets,” October

We totally had a moment when reading this month’s Rhode Island Monthly issue. We appreciate such a wonderful opportunity to share our story with our community of pet lovers.
Bubby Pets
via Twitter

“The Story Behind Bristol’s Linden Place,” via www.rimonthly.com

Thank you so much for your well written article on Linden Place. John Kiernan did an amazing job of telling the story of this old home and we so appreciate the opportunity of sharing it with Rhode Islanders and beyond.
Susan Battle, Executive Director
Linden Place

“High School Report Card 2018,” September

I always look forward to your excellent yearly article on “High School Report Cards.” However, the 2018 chart is showing the forty-nine high schools in alphabetical order instead of the usual and valuable ratings order, best to last. Those of us involved in Rhode Island education really need to know where schools place in order to improve our standings, especially when falling below the average. In my opinion, not ranking the schools diminishes our efforts to improve the overall quality of education.
Eugene Nadeau