Letters: Federal Hill History, Toll Woes, Sarah Potenza Support

Rhode Island Monthly readers weigh in.

“Rhode Islanders of the Year,” December

I don’t know how this happened, but I guess just work really hard and be honest. I am so blown away to be named a Rhode Islander of the Year by Rhode Island Monthly. Thank you Rhode Island College (RIC) and Smithfield High School for supporting me and my dreams.

Sarah Potenza
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Dec. issue @RIMonthly has a nice article on the Rhode Islanders of the Year! @NBC10's Alison Bologna and others! #RIrocks

Larry Valencia, @LarryValencia13
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“A to Z Food Guide,” November

I enjoyed the food guide in the November issue, but I saw something that I wanted to point out. You provided a timeline of Federal Hill that began with Antonelli's Poultry in 1853, and this perpetuates a misimpression. The history of the Federal Hill neighborhood did not begin with the arrival of Italian immigrants, and neither did its cuisine.

The neighborhood existed for more than a century prior to that and surely was alive with New England culture, including food. However we persist with this idea the history of the neighborhood began with Italian immigrants. While the immigrant years were certainly an important part of the evolution, I would object to the accuracy of the statement "Our timeline documents the evolution of the neighborhood." In other words, I think it gets the latter half right with events that show the shifting of the neighborhood in more recent times, but the beginning does not. It has always been a shifting neighborhood, most likely since the early 1700s, and Mr. Antonelli in 1853 was somewhere in the middle.

Andy Grover


Reporter, November

@RIMonthly follows predictable trope of “it’s such a shame/so gripping/hard to charge trucks vs. I know but we got to/sad face.”

James Kennedy, @transportPVD
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