Letters: Family Ties, Free Tuition

Rhode Island Monthly readers weigh in.

“Curling Comes to Rhode Island,” January

Awesome! It's the only Olympic sport that you can drink beer and play at the same time!

John Covey
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“Family Ties,” January

The original New York System hot wiener restaurant is on Smith Street in Providence and was founded in 1927.
When I was a youngster going to junior high school I remember the year 1927 embedded into the tile floor. It has been revamped and the 1927 is now on their neon sign.

Anthony V. Fiore

“Foster Parrots Save Captive Birds,” January

I saw the article in the magazine; it's great! The photo of Lightning is fantastic, just hope this newfound celebrity does not go to his head.

Marjorie  Drew
Volunteer, Foster Parrots

“Your Town: Tiverton,” January

I read the Tiverton article at the library and it was really great! Well done.

Brett Pelletier  

“Here’s How to Apply for RI’s New Free College Initiative,” ridaily, January

I'd to like to know why in the world I (along with many others) would have to pay taxes towards this, when I am currently paying my own student loans, more than $50,000, as a current student at RIC who will not benefit from this at all because I am not an incoming freshman. Newsflash: None of this is "free."

Kristen Baribault
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