Letters to the Editor: October

Rhode Island Monthly readers reflect on homelessness and Rhody's lost landmarks.

“Reporter,” July

Re “Spare Change” in the July issue: The attempts to keep homeless people from bothering people who are better off reflect this attitude:
Keep the homeless out of view.
Keep them from approaching you.
Make them stick with their own kind.
Out of sight is out of mind.
Felicia Nimue Ackerman
Professor of Philosophy
Brown University

“Rhode Island’s Lost Landmarks,” August

Great article and very interesting.
I used to meet my mom after school/work on Tuesdays at the Outlet Co. It was her payday so we would shop. We’d go to the outdoor market across the street and get a cooked chicken to bring home for our dinner. Then, we’d go to the Weybosset Market to get more groceries, then get some doughnuts at a doughnut shop near Gibson’s, and finally head for home.
Marie Campbell
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“Your Town: Jamestown,” August, via RIMonthly.com

What a lovely, well written article! I was born and raised in Jamestown with my dad’s family originally migrating from Block Island.
I can really appreciate the beauty and independence of the island. I believe there is a magnet, probably near Four Corners, that drags us former Jamestowners back home. After twenty-three years as a member of the U.S. Air Force, I still consider Jamestown home.
John E. Wright
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HOME! Oh how I miss my island! Soft ocean breezes filled with salty sea air. Quiet nights with the sounds of crickets chirping intermingled with distant waves….
Susan Lyn Vieira Sheehan
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