Letters to the Editor: November

Rhode Island Monthly readers muse on Benny's and the Cumberland Monastery.

Current, September

I opened my September issue of Rhode Island Monthly and saw that big, beautiful Harris’s hawk taking up page seventeen. Amazing!
Picture me cheering loudly in my kitchen and frightening my dog. Great write-up and the image looks simply fabulous. We are all so grateful over here at Audubon.
Hope Foley
Audubon Society of Rhode Island

“Benny’s is Closing,” via RIMonthly.com

Oh no, no, no. Love Benny’s! It’s like comfort food except it’s a store!
Cheryl Brickach
Via Facebook

No! Nononono. Where will we get tires? Where will we get help putting things together? Where will I find the hard-to-find? No chances of a sale? I LOVE Benny’s! And the employees are so nice. I am crushed.
Sally Rigg
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“What’s the Story Behind the Cumberland Monastery?” via RIMonthly.com

When I was a child, my uncle and I picked watercress from the brook. I also attended a folk mass there in the ’60s. It will always be a holy, sacred place I hold dear in my heart.
Virginia Edes Krone
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“Just Peachy,” September

Thank you for the wonderful article you wrote! You have no idea how many customers it brought us. Matt and I felt encouraged after reading it. Sometimes you get lost in all the hard work that you begin to lose sight of your dreams and forget why you started. It was like a little lift, a light suddenly shining in a dark place, a breath of fresh air. Thank you extra for that.
Kate Lachapelle
Sunset Orchard

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