Letters to the Editor: August

Rhode Island Monthly readers reflect on Bill Cunningham and adopted town love.

“The Ultimate Guide to Newport,” June

In my first New York studio apartment in the 1980s, heaven was having the Sunday Times delivered and calling my good friend the next day to chat about it. We always perused the Style Section and loved the street fashion that Bill Cunningham captured.

Over the years we considered Bill Cunningham a friend of sorts. He shared a love for the people of the city with his photos of everyday New Yorkers. We would see him regularly on the streets.

Last summer, the documentary Bill Cunningham New York was a can’t-miss event for my Newport friends. We wore blue and I brought a dozen blue balloons.

I recently received a text saying there was a photo of me in the article “Silver Screen Scene” by Grace Kelly: A perfect photo of me with a dozen balloons. It’s just the photo Bill would have taken if he were alive.
Ms. Kelly’s words, “we learn about Bill Cunningham, who was probably one of the sweetest men in the world, as he bicycled around New York City snapping fashion on the streets,” captured him perfectly.

Thank you for reminding us of the documentary we all loved, the evening of laughter and joy, and for capturing a personal Bill Cunningham moment.

Jean Sweeney
Middletown, RI, and Darien, Conn.

“Your Town: Westerly,” June, via RIMonthly.com”

Thank you for including some of the history of my lovely town; I learned new facts from your article! Westerly is my adopted home after growing up in Bristol, then moving out of state for thirty years to New York and Connecticut. This gives me a different perspective and better appreciation for our beautiful state. And, to borrow a quote, “gems come in small packages.”

Sue B. Reynolds


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