July 2011

Reckless as a Rule

After reading your article on Colin Foote [“A Family Tragedy,” May] and about the heartbreak of his untimely death, it reminded me that Rhode Island needs to fix its boating laws as well as traffic laws.

Last year, two young women who were out on a boat were killed on the same date that Colin died. One of them was my daughter’s best friend, Alesia DeSa. Alesia, like Colin, had so many friends. She was known for her big smile and big heart. She and Kaylee Therrien were only twenty-three years old. They were passengers in a boat that hit a group of rocks known as Despair Island in Narragansett Bay and died that day from their injuries.

Matthew Fortin was charged in that accident with two counts of operating a watercraft to endanger, death resulting; one count of reckless boating, personal injury resulting; two counts of operating a watercraft under the influence, death resulting; and refusing to submit to a chemical test. So far, he hasn’t gone to trial.

Rhode Island’s drunk boating laws are even more lenient than they are for drunk driving. My heart goes out to Colin’s family. We know the pain that they are going through. Our lives will never be the same.

Susan Banjamin
Taunton, MA


Home Slice

I was thrilled to see the guide to the state’s best pizza pies [“American Pie,” April]. However, I feel compelled to write about my favorite pizza, which is from Rosa Mia on Greenville Avenue in Johnston.

I have been ordering pizza weekly from Rosa Mia for nearly twenty years, and I strongly urge your readers to give their pizza a try. It is delicious and always cooked to perfection by their great team. Tommy, who takes the orders, is always friendly and efficient.

It is a joy to order pizza from this great establishment, owned by AnneMarie, Silvio and Silvio II.

I hope your readers will try it and love Rosa Mia pizza as much as I do!

Sharon Saravo Deion
North Providence


Grounds to Uproot

We had been combing the coast for our new home, and after reviewing the stats on taxes and schools in your story [“The Best Places to Live,” March], we were swayed towards Westerly to find the perfect home on Elm Street. It is with some sadness that we are leaving the Armory District. We started a small Montessori-inspired school, which was very well received in that neighborhood, and now we plan on reopening at our new home in Westerly. The information in your article was a real impetus for us to start looking, as our youngest son is rapidly approaching kindergarten. Thanks for the informative story.

Kurt Bodnar and Deniese Jones


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