For the Record

I’m not sure where you found the salary numbers that you used in the February salary survey, but they’re wrong. Attorney General Lynch’s salary for fiscal year 2009 is $105,416.
michael j. healey
Director, Press Office
Office of the Attorney General

EDITOR’S NOTE: The attorney general’s salary that we printed comes from the 2008 state budget personnel supplement, which, according to the governor’s office, is reliable information.

Bad Pun Intended

What is “Hire” Learning, please? [“2009 Salary Survey,” February]. Did you really intend “HIGHER” Learning? Typo or a pun I didn’t understand?
marlene clayton
North Kingstown

Party Lines

Ellen Liberman’s excellent article “RI, the One-Party State” [February] asks the question: “With a scant ten Republicans at the State House, checks and balances are long gone; will accountability follow?” Regretfully, the answer is “no” because accountability has already disappeared.
eugene nadeau

Hate Speech

Shame on you for highlighting State Representative Al Gemma’s quote about Hitler [Reporter, February]. There is no difference between citing this quote or using the “n” word.

Rhode Island Monthly owes its readership an apology and should make an effort to learn about the Jewish people in this state. I have made a decision not to renew my subscription, which I have had since the magazine’s inception, because we Jews have been mostly ignored in its pages.
For years I held on, but this was the last nail in the coffin.
deborah chorney

I know hyperbole is used to get across one’s point of view, but Mr. Gemma’s totally inappropriate allusion to Hitler is completely insensitive to many different groups who have been personally and tragically affected by Hitler’s regime. If Mr. Gemma could not find a better way to express his frustration publicly, he should get out of politics.
A. Tiefeld