Fight Club

I loved your “Get Fit” article in the January issue. It was packed with great advice.  I wanted to recommend a gym that I think you should cover in the future: Rondeau’s Kickboxing in Johnston. It’s an all-female, twenty-four-seven gym that teaches kickboxing, boxing, self-defense, nutrition and more. I have never seen a gym with a more loyal following or better trainers.
Ellen Hawes
North Providence

Off Base

You mention in “Home Run” [Rhode Trip, January] that Rhode Island has 20 percent of the nation’s landmarks, but on Wikipedia, it says that Rhode Island only has forty-four out of an approximate 2,500 in the U.S. This is far below 20 percent.
David Morsilli

Editor’s note: Thanks for the catch. We cited misinformation. The good news is that Rhode Island is home to more than 700 sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Sweet Spots

I was sooo impressed with the photo essay on surfing [“Ride the Wild Surf,” January]. I’ve lived and traveled all over the country and some of the world, but Narragansett is magical. There is a special salt air fever that gets into your lungs and soul and makes you want to live a full, energized, outdoor life. I get inspired here, and the light and the sea air and the water and the people all make it happen.
Janice Causey

Thanks for the “Ride the Wild Surf” photo essay. Surfing in bone-chilling water at midnight, illuminated by searchlights? Tow-ins at some obscure New England outer reef break? I seem to remember the crowd factor being an issue when I was bobbing among the neoprene-clad crew nearly a decade ago. I suppose it was inevitable that the diehard surfers would eventually push the envelope in pursuit of greener, less-populated pastures.
I won’t take the sublime conditions out here for granted anymore.
Mark Zito
San Diego, California

Editor’s Update

We checked in with Paul Lawrence, whom we tracked in our January story “Are You There, Hollywood? It’s Me, Paul,” as he headed west to seek his fortune as a sitcom writer. Here’s what he wrote:

A few writers I connected with at the PitchFest have gotten rejection notifications, but I haven’t heard anything at all. I did have a meeting with Steven Feinberg, executive director of film and television for the Rhode Island Council for the Arts. It can be disheartening to work so hard on a project and never see it come to fruition, but tenacity is the key, I guess.
Paul J. Lawrence