Face Forward

This is the paradox of growing older in the twenty-first century: We feel proud to be wiser, smarter and more comfortable with ourselves on the “inside,” yet are told to be ashamed of and fight any signs of aging on the outside [“Face Time,” December]. Why is it now perfectly normal to put botulism, plastic and animal fat into our bodies? Let’s face it, nobody who gets this kind of work done looks like they did when they were twenty. Instead of growing comfortable in our own skin, we are stretching and remodeling it.
If I could wave a magic wand and go back to being twenty-five, I would take a pass. I prefer to look forward and attempt to live in every moment. You cannot beat time, so embrace it.
Betsy Schwengel

Creative Riches

John Kotula’s article [“Dance Fever,” December] reminds us that the true value of Danza Afrocubana is not its market price, but in the way the painting captures the vibrancy and complexity of a particular time and place so that we might always remember and be inspired by its history — and our own. It is a reminder that we can revel in the artists here in our midst. Across Rhode Island, artists are capturing and shaping our shared history at this moment. You can take part in many of these creative experiences practically for free, but the inspiration will last a lifetime.
Cristina M. Di Chiera
Director Individual Artists & Public Art Programs
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts

Out and About

The article about Mirabar [Rhode Trip, December] is a good representation of Providence gay nightlife, a scene that is friendly and open to anyone, gay or straight.
As Mr. Gay Rhode Island 2008, I hold numerous fundraisers and events to create awareness about gay issues, promote acceptance and raise money for various causes. I am happy to see an article about Mirabar in your magazine.
Sean Powell

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King Crab

Karen Deutsch’s review of the Barking Crab in Newport [Dining Out, December] elicited cheers from seafood fans on our website, RIMonthly.com.

» “I love The Barking Crab! I used to go to the Boston location all the time and was thrilled when they opened the location in Newport! The food is great and their raw bar specials during the week are a STEAL! I recently discovered their lobster mac and cheese, and I have been craving it on a daily basis ever since.”

» “The Barking Crab’s raw bar anddaily specials are the best things to hit Newport in a while! My friends and I love ‘Frugal Fridays’ at the restaurant. I’m a huge seafood fan and every time I’ve dined there, the fish has been uber fresh and affordable.”