Book ’em
In response to your “Best of” issue [August], in which you assert that book chain stores, particularly Barnes & Noble, are all about “shiny rewards cards” and generally neglect local authors and book groups, I beg to differ.
Our many successful events in Warwick include monthly story hours and book club meetings, teacher appreciation weeks, book fairs, and signings with local authors such as Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of the SciFi channel’s “Ghost Hunters.”
Read it and weep, Rhode Island Monthly. Your editors should have done a bit more research.
Robin Corning
Community Relations Manager, Barnes & Noble

I moved to Florida eight years ago, but am still a faithful subscriber to Rhode Island Monthly and enjoy keeping informed about the things I miss, many of which appear in your “Best of” feature. While I loved attending Trinity Rep (and still do), I challenge your reference to them as “America’s last remaining repertory company.” I invite you to visit Sarasota to enjoy incredible theater at Asolo Repertory. Brings new meaning to “best of.”
Sandi Wall
Sales Manager, SNN News 6
Sarasota, Florida

Editors’ note: According to Trinity Rep’s website, it is the “last long-standing permanent acting company” in the country.

Word Wars
By Ellen Liberman’s logic, we should change the term “gay nineties” to the “happy nineties,” since the word “gay” doesn’t have the same connotation it did at the turn of the century [“What’s in a Name,” August]. I stand firmly on the side of not sacrificing the truth of history for the sake of political correctness. In the 1600s, when our state was established, “plantation” referred to a settlement, as in, “The state was planted” or “The church was planted.”
I also question the assertion that Rhode Island has “but one” slave monument. I can think of three — there may be more.
Christine Lamar

Cover It Up
Cover of the July issue, very cute. Two pre- adolescent girls — around twelve years old would be my guess — with bras on that have nothing to hold, but suits that are trying to fall off. Photographer must be proud of himself!
Gladys V. Horswill
Cascade Locks, Oregon

A Low for Top Docs

This year’s “Top Docs” issue [June] was a huge disappointment! What happened to the photo of one of the top docs on the cover, or photos of some of the docs with accompanying profiles? Gone were interesting and eye-pleasing page lay-outs and fonts. The issue seemed like an afterthought, compiled in haste as the magazine went to press. Do you feel so confident about the annual “Top Docs” issue that you expect it to fly off the shelves without a care for creativity?
Joan Pucino
North Kingstown