Let's Go, Cinco

I’ve never celebrated Cinco de Mayo before. I don’t even think I’ve ever had a margarita (Jimmy Buffett would hang his head in shame). Considering that I’ve worked at a store that sells party supplies and pinatas, you’d think it would be a given – that I would have done something, anything at some point in my life for Cinco de Mayo. Nope…but I will today.

It’s sunny out (at least it was on the drive to the office); it’s five o’clock somewhere, and later, that “somewhere” will be the first Cinco de Mayo Block Party on Westminster Street in Providence (at Grant’s Block between Eddy and Union streets to be more specific). It’s not just a celebration for the holiday, but the block party is also commemorating the arrival of Sura and the Small Point Cafe as well as the reopening of Tazza Cafe.

According to the California Avocado Commission (who knew that even existed?), more than eighty million pounds of avocados will be consumed today. Not sure if the restaurants around Grant’s Block will have any guacamole, but it’s fair to say there’s going to be some food, including vegan soft-serve ice cream provided by Like No Udder. Like margaritas, I’ve never had that either but am excited to try it. And aside from food, there will also be ping pong, four square, face painting and music, so bring friends or make some new ones. For more info, go to indowncity.com.