Less Talking, More Walking

This weekend! Weather gods, all is forgiven for this summer: eight long weeks of listening to people say, "It’s almost as hot here as in Arizona! But out there it’s a dry heat." It was so gorgeous, I couldn’t even bear to go to the movies, despite really wanting to see Buried and about ten other things.

Speaking of Buried, when I interviewed screenwriter Chris Sparling, whom we briefly profiled in this month’s Current, he had so many interesting things to say about the film industry, luck, success, work. But I couldn’t fit it all into the Q&A, so I posted a slightly expanded version here.

I’ve gotten to talk to some pretty impressive people this year — Chris, John Casey , Fuel Belt founder Vinu Malik (stay tuned for next month’s Current). They’ve each had extraordinary success, and they all have three things in common: They work hard, never make excuses and create their own opportunities.

You have to like that in a person.