Laid-back Fitness Gives New Meaning to Working Out

Change the way you exercise by using natural movement and physical capabilities.

You have probably never thought of using the words “working out” and “fun” would appear in the same sentence. But at Laid-back Fitness, exercise and fun is exactly what you can expect.

Whether you are six or forty-six, a beginner or fitness guru, Laid-back Fitness is a spot for all levels of  ability to squeeze in a (sweaty!) exercise session. From strength training and obstacle conditioning to Ninja Warrior classes, the facility specializes in natural movement and emphasizes physical capabilities and play – goodbye free weights and cardio machines!


We tried a class at Laid-back Fitness and this is what we found:

I walked into the gym and was greeted by Coach Eddie and a couple of other members. The class at Laid-back Fitness marked the second week of their four-week-long TransforMISSION program, a session that uses a combination of strength, conditioning and resilience classes to help participants establish well-rounded health habits.

The open studio was filled with jump ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls, ladders and other equipment. Coach Eddie started the class with some light stretching to loosen up our bodies. We then moved to the warm-up which consisted of forty-second intervals switching from jumping rope to burpees while holding a fourteen-pound medicine ball. We weren’t even ten minutes in to the session and I was already breaking a sweat. After a quick water-break we grabbed a kettlebell for the next exercise. Here, we pressed the kettlebell above our heads, focusing on engaging our arms and shoulders. After doing a couple of sets with just our arms, we included squats.

The resilience classes are based off a technique called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which is composed of intense bursts of work followed by short resting periods. Coach Eddie had us rotate through three workouts for four rounds, working for forty seconds then resting for twenty. We started simple with jumping rope for our cardio element, then we moved to knee-ups while holding onto a pull-up bar working our shoulders, upper arms and abs. Lastly, I did a pallof press – a killer core exercise where you hold a resistance band and twist your torso, really working those oblique muscles. I thought I was finished with the workout but had to muster enough strength for “the finisher”– twenty reps of a kettlebell swing clean and press.

Throughout the workout, Coach Eddie helped me perfect my form so that I was properly performing each exercise. By the end of the class it had felt like I had been going to Laid-back Fitness for months – I had a fun experience (and achy legs to prove it!).

For more information about Laid-back Fitness or for membership prices, visit laidbackfitness.comor call 401-871-8436.