Kid on a Plane

Sunday, I was on a flight from Phoenix to Providence, sitting near this little kid who was very excited that it was going to rain all week.

"It’s going to be raining there?" he kept asking.
"Yes," said the mother.
"Every day?"
"It is going to rain every single day?"
"Is it going to rain two days in a row?"
"Is it going to rain three days in a row?"
"Is it going to rain four days in a row? Is it going to rain five days in a row?"
"Yes. Yes."
"Is it going to rain on Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday, then Friday?"

I thought the mother might turn to the child and say, "You are sending me to an early grave," but she did not.

When we got to TF Green, it was already raining. I figured this was going to go over really well, but the kid freaked. Suddenly, it was all too much for him. "But if it’s raining tomorrow, how can it rain now?"

"I don’t know," said the mother. "It just does."


He kind of won me over at this point. The rain does madden.

Better stories being told tonight: Bill Harley and Len Cabral are Fixin’ to Tell at the Roots Cafe at 7. $3. It’s going to be good.