Here are the Esri Tapestry segments represented in Rhode Island.




Military Proximity
Young, married couples; either active duty or work civilian job in military; move often and rent apartments and single-family homes; exercise to stay in shape and shop at discount stores

College Towns
Either college students or work for a university; busy with school and possibly a part-time job; splurge on impulse buys like fashion; go online for everything

Dorms to Diplomas
Young and on own for first time; live in dorms or rent off-campus; can’t live without cellphones; impulsive shoppers who carry balances on credit cards; eat frozen and fast food




Top Tier
Have achieved career goals and now consulting or self-employed; take luxury vacations and have second homes; attend opera and charity dinners

Professional Pride
Well-educated, two-income couples; busy balancing work with school-age kids; live in picture-perfect homes; tech and financially savvy

Savvy Suburbanites
Empty nesters or still have adult children; well-read foodies who enjoy good wine; exercise regularly and enjoy golf and skiing

Married couples approaching retirement who don’t live in cities but are urbane and support the arts and public radio, go online for everything




Comfortable Empty Nesters
Live in small towns and suburbs, transitioning from raising kids to retirement; work in government, in health care or manufacturing

In Style
Professional couples who work hard and don’t have kids; live urbane lifestyles and support the arts; like to travel and are always connected with smartphones

Parks and Rec
Practical suburbanites who saved to buy homes in well-established neighborhoods; still working in comfortable jobs and approaching retirement

Rustbelt Traditions
Married couple families and singles who live in older, industrial cities; family-oriented and work in manufacturing, retail and health care; listen to classic rock

Midlife Constants
Married couples and some singles; retired or close to it; homebodies who work in their garden; involved in church and community




Urban Chic
Married couples who live in suburbs outside cities; professionals working in law or tech; upscale lifestyle; visit museums and practice yoga

Empty nesters living in suburbs, live in older homes, house projects are a priority; drive imported SUVs and like to garden




Soccer Moms
Live in family-oriented neighborhoods in outer suburbs; work hectic jobs; shop online and like to jog, bike and play golf and go to theme parks

Home Improvement
Busy married couples paying down student loans and second mortgages; shop at warehouse stores; like to watch the DIY Network




Small Town Simplicity
Young families and seniors who live in small towns; tend to be conservative; avoid debt; have vegetable garden and repair own trucks and ATVs




City Lights
Singles and married couples who live in apartments in densely populated and ethnically diverse areas; work in professional and service industries

Emerald City
Affluent, well-educated singles and couples who love city life; work in business, finance, entertainment and tech; rent apartments close to amenities

Bright Young Professionals
Young active married couples; work white-collar jobs; concerned about the environment; rent movies from Netflix and go to bars and clubs for fun

Front Porches
Diverse, young families with kids; many single parents; rent and work blue-collar jobs; cook at home to save money

Old and Newcomers
Singles on a budget or seniors approaching retirement renting in transitional neighborhoods; younger residents may still be in college

Hardscrabble Road
Young, diverse married couples and single parents; live in urban areas; limited education, struggle to find good jobs or work in service, manufacturing or retail




Green Acres
Older, self-reliant married couples getting close to retirement; live in rural areas in older homes with acreage; active in community; cautious about spending

Rural Resort Dwellers
Live in vacation homes; have long commutes to work; enjoy hunting and fishing and don’t often use the Internet

Salt of the Earth
Traditional married couples who live in the country; work in construction, manufacturing and service industries; family important; like to fish and hunt

The Great Outdoors
Reside in modest homes in rural areas; live on Social Security and retirement funds; pets are part of the family; self-sufficient and maintain own vehicles and grow own food




International Marketplace
Many foreign born, young Hispanic families; completed high school; use public transportation to get to work; like to play soccer and go to the beach

Las Casas
Young, married Hispanic couples, who often live in multigenerational households; have minimal savings and little debt; family oriented and like trendy fashions

NeWest Residents
Ambitious, young Hispanic couples who are new arrivals; men work in blue-collar service jobs; women often stay home to take care of family

Fresh Ambitions
Young married couples who are immigrants to the United States; have graduated from high school and work in skilled and unskilled jobs to support families; wire money home when can

High Rise Renters
Many foreign born, live in cities and struggle to make ends meet; commute far to service jobs; devoted to family and kids are into music and fashion




American Dreamers
Often foreign born, Hispanic young families; worked hard to buy home outside the city; income is spent on family necessities, go to park or zoo for fun




Laptops and Lattes
Affluent, well-educated couples and singles who love city life; rent apartments close to amenities; exercise regularly and shop at upscale grocery stores

Metro Renters
Young, mobile, educated; live with roommates in the city; can walk to work; practice yoga and Pilates

Living life to the fullest; don’t own homes; fashionable; spend nights on the town and dining out; always connected with texting and social media




City Strivers
Many foreign born, married couples and singles with kids; work in retail and service industries; follow trends for clothes

Young and Restless
Diverse, well-educated young millennials; finishing school or working in professional, sales or administrative jobs; rent apartments in cities, use cellphones for everything

Metro Fusion
Married couples and singles with kids; young, highly mobile; some are recent immigrants; work hard to improve lives; soccer and football are popular

Set to Impress
Young, still in college or working; rent in multiunit buildings and often live alone; don’t have landlines; brand conscious; like to go to concerts and download latest music

City Commons
Young singles and single parents who rent in cities; many didn’t finish high school; some rely on Social Security or public assistance; provide for kids despite limited income




Silver and Gold
Affluent retirees who live in exclusive communities; enjoying retirement with active social lives; like to play golf, boat and travel; read newspapers and magazines

Golden Years
Active, independent seniors living outside cities; stay busy visiting museums, going to concerts, exercising; go online for everything

Senior Escapes
Live in homes that started out as vacation destinations; live within their means; members of AARP and veterans clubs; health conscious and like to take cruises

Retirement Communities
Seniors who live in single-family homes, assisted living or nursing homes; read magazines and newspapers to stay informed; play bingo and work on crossword puzzles

Social Security Set
Live alone in low-cost apartments in urban areas; pay bills in cash; listen to the radio at home