Katima’s One-of-a-Kind Statement Pieces

The jewelry features garnet, amber, agate and tourmaline.

Statement Pieces, Photographs by JTJ Photography/Courtesy of Pamela Rihani.

Can your accessories have positive properties? Some might think so. Pamela Rihani is a co-designer behind Katima jewelry, which means “powerful daughter.” She creates the jewelry alongside her sister, Karen, and the collection is named after the relationship they have with their mother. “My mother instilled the notion that we as women are powerful and capable of anything,” Rihani says.

They use semi-precious stones in their raw, organic form, such as garnet, amber, agate and tourmaline, plus antique trade beads and decorative adornments such as Tibetan prayer scrolls and African tribal adornments to make one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

Initially, Rihani, an interior designer, bought materials from an African antique bead trader and made neckpieces for herself as a creative outlet.
“When I traveled, wherever I would go, someone would stop me and say that’s an amazing piece,” she says.

Her jewelry business was born after she got a commission from a woman she had met in New York City.

Many Katima pieces are larger than life, while others are on a slightly smaller scale, but “in either case, they carry energy and a soulful feeling that is undeniable,” Rihani says. “While I work with the stones, I feel a sense of calm. Some say it is the healing properties and the power natural stones emanate.”

Each piece is assembled with high quality stones and antique embellishments from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. “The beads were used along the spice route to trade for gold, coffee or spices,” says Rihani. “Some of them are Hebron, which are made from Dead Sea salts.”

They can be worn with a simple black dress or even a T-shirt and jeans. “A woman who wears Katima is telling the world she is different,” she says.

Katima jewelry is sold at Ocean House, Candita Clayton Gallery, Exclusive Jewels Gallery in Boston and more. katimajewelry.com