June Letters to the Editor

Rhode Island Monthly readers weigh in on Twin Oaks, a Catholic axe to grind and a local Dreamer.

“Classic RhodyRestaurants,” April

Frank, what a great description of the old times to the present, you were right on! It’s always a pleasure to see you at the door [at Twin Oaks] when we arrive. It is a family there and I’m proud to be one of the alumni.
Ray Bessette
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As a child in the ’50s and early ’60s it was a weekly event to go out to dinner to Twin Oaks. We always got a room and I remember the two swings to the side of the restaurant. Veal parma dinner and hot fudge sundaes were the best!
Jack Hardin
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“Whose God Is It Anyway?” April

Interesting piece despite the author’s obvious axe to grind with the Catholic Church. It shows a deep lack of understanding for what the Catholic Mass is in relation to a Protestant church service. I am more than happy to discuss this point because it is critical to understanding why the two things not only are different, but must be different, and will always be different.
Tyler Rowley
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“The Dreamer,” May

I was captivated by the piece about Paula Hernandez Rosales and the greater struggles of immigrants in this state and country.
It is refreshing to see such extensive editorial space and talent being focused on minority faces, voices and the issues they face and I would love to see more of it in the future.
Dylan Giles

Clarification: In our 2017 Top Docs issue, Dr. James Myers was voted into the Family Practice and Pulmonary Diseases categories. He is a specialist in internal medicine and pulmonary disease.