It's summer!

… obviously. That’s why it’s still pouring rain outside. Apparently New England has lost the "New" and become just like the country I grew up in. Which, quite frankly, is not why I moved here.
Well, at least there’s hot soup. I tried the Mexican soup menudo for the first time last week, and while I was too chicken to actually eat the tripe, the broth was delicious. Slightly spicy, red with roasted chili and tomato, but still fairly light; plus it comes with lime, cilantro and onions, which make anything better in my book. The place was Sanchez Tortilleria and Mexican Market at 802 Atwells Avenue, where they also make corn tortillas so good that the tacos sold at the little counter in back of the store were even better than the menudo. Nothing here is more than $8, and you could easily fill up for more like $3 if so inclined. I’m not saying I’m forsaking El Taconazo over on Valley. But it’s great to have so many sunny south-of-the-border lunch options to remind me that, thank goodness, this isn’t Britain.