Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly September 2013

Our annual education issue.

Reporter - Out of School

Racial profiling in Rhode Island can extend from elementary school to the highway, where blacks and Hispanics are suspended and stopped disproportionately to whites.


Ben Sukle’s new space may be small, but his intricate dishes, using local ingredients, pack a big punch.

Help Wanted

After high school, the system loses track of people with autism. But armed with an associate’s degree, Ondrea Robinson is making the transition to an independent life.

The Freshman

On the eve of a reelection bid, Central Falls' twenty-something mayor, James Diossa, is already facing a day of political reckoning. Will voters send him back to city hall, or banish him to the wilderness?

Education Nation

Help Wanted, Not Your Daddy’s Voke-Eds and our High School Report Card 2013

Not Your Daddy's Voke-Ed

High school vocational training has undergone a reboot; now kids are learning work skills that make them job ready.