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Top High Schools in Rhode Island, Charter Schools


The surroundings are deceptively modest, but Ella’s American fusion menu — simple, yet sophisticated — is anything but ordinary.

 Ella's Fine Food and Drink   2 Tower St., Westerly, 315-0606, ellasfinefoodanddrink.com. Hours Open daily for dinner. Reservations suggested. Wheelchair accessible. Parking lot. Cuisine Multilingual European married to an American.  Capacity Seventy in the dining room; more in the adjacent bar. Vibe Visually, the restaurant reads like a popup venture, but the food establishes depth. Prices $5–$18; entrees $16–$45; dessert…

How to Make Pickled Carrots

Rachael McCaskill of Rachael Bakes shares her recipe for lacto-fermented carrots.

Lacto-Fermented Carrots Recipe   1 pound chemical-free or organically grown carrots 2 Tablespoons sea salt 6-8 ounces filtered water 1 Tablespoon starter culture (optional) 1 quart ball or mason jar with lid Wash carrots thoroughly. Shred or julienne cut carrots. Put carrots in jar and coat with sea salt. Let sit for ten minutes. This will bring out the juices…

High School Report Card

We rank the state's high schools by academic performance, the best bang for taxpayer's buck and more.

To rank our schools, statistician Julia Seaman compared standardized test scores, graduation rates, AP-course enrollment and performance, and teacher-student ratios among forty traditional public high schools in Rhode Island using correlation and factor analyses. She also analyzed approximate per pupil spending against her findings to determine which schools that are high-achieving academically also give the “best bang for the buck.”…


September 2012

  Sinful Surprise   I, and the entire staff at Sin, want to thank you for the Editors’ Pick we won in the Rhode Island Monthly Best of issue .    Sin’s retail bakery has only been open a few months, so we were surprised and thrilled to see our award for Best New Bakery. We’ll keep turning out our…

Building Schools from Scratch

Jeremy Chiappetta’s running a new type of charter school in Rhode Island, overseen by mayors instead of school committees. The results have been impressive, but some have questioned whether mayoral academies create a two-tiered educational system.

It's just after 11 on a rainy June morning in the basement of a former parochial school in Cumberland, and Jeremy Chiapetta wants to hear some results. The school year is winding down and Chiappetta, the executive director of Blackstone Valley Prep, is meeting with two staffers and Steven Corrales, who grew up in Central Falls and recently earned a…

Out in Public

For transgender youth, living an honest life is a story of survival. But local advocates are developing ways to keep them safe at school amidst bullies of all sizes.

She shops at Forever 21 and knows how to run a game of pool. She binges on Netflix TV, but hits the books hard enough to have earned an early graduation. She has a gaggle of friends who are drawn to her quiet authority and unwavering sense of self.   She wasn’t always this way. Kaeleigh, an unequivocal teenage “she,”…

The Big Brand Theory

Rhode Island’s colleges and universities are feverishly marketing themselves to a shrinking number of freshmen. But is it worth the investment? And once they graduate, will they stay?

  I applied to college in the mid-’90s, back when applications were $20 and done on — old person alert! — paper. Though I was indiscriminate enough to apply to ten schools, not a single one was in the state of Rhode Island. I might have had no idea what I wanted or, really, who I was, but I knew I didn’t want to…

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