Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly September 2011


Going Digital

Advocates say developing medical information technology can change the health care system for the better. Rhode Island is about to find out if they’re right.

Keith Stokes

As executive director of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation in the worst economy since the Great Depression, Keith Stokes has his work cut out for him. Once criticized by Lincoln Chafee for his support of Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios project, Stokes is now the governor’s right-hand man. But he’s no showboat.

Life on the Line

When Nick Rabar left a cushy job at the Chow Fun Food Group to open the restaurant of his dreams, it nearly became his ultimate kitchen nightmare.

New England Getaways

A culinary road trip with inns that date to the eighteenth century, woodsy spas, fine tucked-away eateries and shops, and New England vistas unfolding around every bend: the perfect recipe for relaxation and gourmand romance.