Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly September 2009

The Ultimate Pet Guide

El Paisa

Bring on the blood sausage. El Paisa, Central Falls’ temple 
to Colombian cuisine, boasts a menu that will excite even 
the most adventurous carnivore.

Animal House

Everything you need to know to keep your furry (and scaly, and feathery) friends happy, from dog-friendly vacations to the rundown on iguana care. Because as any owner will tell you, pets may be small, but they rule the roost.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Danny LaPorte

Danny LaPorte was a friendly guy from Burrillville who moved out west searching for the good life. Then one day, south of the border, he met a grisly end. Was he a victim in the Mexican drug wars? Or was he a player?

The Company He Keeps

The Gamm has always been edgy, entertaining and innovative. Now with two prestigious awards in two years, the theater and its director, Tony Estrella, are finally getting the attention they deserve.